Skiing Naked to Deliver the Mail

Rewarding unReasonable Actions EverywhereThere comes a point in every person’s life when they realize that things can be far more interesting without clothes than they are with them. Whether it is streaking, fornicating, creeping out the neighbors, exercising, or just sitting around the house in their underwear (or less), a lack of proper clothing holds a strange position of intrigue in our society. This week is no different. On Wednesday, Rainer Schoenfelder of Austria took to the hills in his birthday suit for a nude ski run. Schoenfelder partook in the streaking slalom (find me a better example of alliteration, I dare you) to settle a bet with his physiotherapist. For his actions, It looked like this, only without all the clothes.Rainer Shoenfelder is this week’s unReason of the Week Award in the field of sports. I don’t really have a rant on this one, and I don’t even necessarily disagree with what happened, but you try to tell me with a straight face that you heard of something more ridiculous this week in the world of sports (and if you cite the David Beckham contract with MLS, I WILL punch you in the neck).

Every Sunday or, in this case, Monday (I wanted to give the post about Northford some more time at the top of the blog), “The Voice of (un)Reason” presents two unReason of the Week Awards, one each in the field of sports and news. These awards honor the most ridiculous, inane, or downright stupid things we found over the course of the previous week. Now, on to the news award:

Drop a letter off today… they’ll make sure it gets there by about 2063.This week’s unReason of the Week Award in the field of news goes to the United States Post Office for FINALLY delivering a letter that was postmarked in 1954 (this story was originally linked to in Tuesday’s recap of the BCS National Championship game). Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor nuclear holocaust, etc, etc, etc. Yeah, sure. The ridiculous thing is that an event like this allows the post office to spout their propaganda, and make themselves look good when they own up to the mistake and still deliver the mail some 50-plus years later. What if this had been some important document in the ’50s?  What if somebody’s financial well-being hung on that piece of mail being delivered in a timely manner? Yes, it is nice that they delivered it, but really, who else but the government could do something 50 years late and still make themselves look good for doing it?


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